Alfa Romeo 155 GTA


Alfa Romeo 155 GTA

Alfa’s 155 V6 TI is a racing car that Alfa Corse raced in European touring car racing from from 1993 to 1996.

As you can see it’s like the street-going 155 but just phatter, lower and generally more evil-looking.

The 155 has always been a rather understated modern Alfa – but when badged like this with the GTA moniker it had an altogether different feel.

Under the bonnet was crammed a magnificently revvy 2.5 L 90° V6 engine delivering 490 PS at 11,900 rpm. It had a top speed of about 190 MPH – weighing as it did at only a happy meal over 1000kg.

Talk about a badass Alfa! Are there any stradale versions out there, we wonder!