Alfa Romeo Navajo Concept by Bertone

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Of all the futuristic concepts generated by the venerable carrozzeria of Bertone in the seventies, the Alfa Romeo Navajo is one of our favourites.


The Navajo was ased on the mechanics of the venerable object of beauty that is the ,Alfa 33 Stradale . Bertone lengthened the original chassis to create a more spacious two-seater cabin than exists in the Stradale.


That outrageous, Battlestar Galactica-style bodywork was super light, having been wrought completely in fibreglass. This of course meant that with the powerful Alfa engines would have made the Navajo a real futuristic pocket rocket.


The front and rear spoilers were designed to adjust automatically according to the speed of the vehicle, which was a real innovation in the mid seventies. The rear wings provided an interesting flourish as well as support for the aft wing.

And as for the name: there’s something that hints at the tribal about the design – kind of a modern primitive grimace in its front, and you can imagine the shape hewn out of dark wood.

Classic Bertone, we think you’ll agree.



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  1. centralia

    This car looks like something out of the 80s very weird.