AMC Amitron


AMC Amitron

I keep saying it to everyone I meet who cares about cars, without really, fully believing it. Every time I fill up, as you do, you wince, and wonder how great a proportion of that weekly hard-earned will have to go into the tank of your motor before you actually make the leap and buy an AFV. Fact is, if you are reliant on your car sooner or later, you will probably purchase an Alternative Fuel Vehicle.

It’s distressing, depressing and frightening by turn to think that within years owning anything other than some sort of electric/hybrid or plug in vehicle will be accessible to only the properly wealthy among us.

We can only hope, though, that the edge will be taken off this distress by clever designers and businessmen who realise that to sell electric cars to petrol-headed public you have to do one thing and one thing only: MAKE THEM SEXY!

We’re not really suggesting that The AMC Amitron concept pictured here managed to pull off that feat. In fact, its chisel-like design from the end of the sixties reminds us of those six wheeled ‘banana splits’ buggies from the seventies kids’ show. Either that or your standard golf cart.

But it’s the way it’s presented – as well as its star-trek-ish plasticky futurism – makes it appear at least something that could be something to which we could aspire.

The sooner producers of supposedly ‘green’ cars lose the cheesy flowers and pictures of trees from their marketing campaigns the better.