Many Colours of Lambo


Now, apart from the advantage we here at Influx towers have of getting to have a go in cars every now and then that we’d never be able to own, and deducing thereby the subtle vagaries of their driving capabilities, we’re very much into cars at a aesthetic level.

But as well as how a car looks and drives, it’s also a vehicle’s backstory that’s important to us. Who designed it? Where do its roots lay? Which cultural buttons are pressed within us when we come across a particular motor?

We were contemplating this fact this weekend, when, on a bank holiday jaunt to London we came across a stunning bright green Lamborghini Gallardo (above).

The thing is about this chance encounter was that rather than appearing as a car sprung from a classic Italian marque, there was a techno futurism to the angular design that screamed of Germany. With of course the company’s current ownership being Teutonic, we’ve come to the conclusion that it is possible to lust after the current crop of Lambos without worrying that their Northern Italian heritage has in any way been compromised.

Add a broad pallet of vibrant colours into the Lamborghini mix, as well as German style reliability, interior trim and switchgear and you have a range of hypercars that are still worthy of every little boy’s panoply of fantasy. And it wouldn’t, by all accounts, be that impractical to own one.

One day.