American Metal: Dodge Challenger Hellcat


New American Bomber Due Here NOW...

For the epitome of modern American Muscle you need look no further than the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat.

There are a brace of these beasts caged in dark steel containers fast approaching our shores as we go to press. Their Atlantic ordeal nearly ended, they could be roaring into action on a street near you as early as next week.

Dodge describe the Hellcat as ‘The strongest muscle in America’ and with a 6.2L HEMI V8 under the hood producing 707 HP, it’s a well-founded claim. In fact this is the most powerful Dodge engine ever produced, driving the most powerful muscle car ever produced.


This cat out of hell can trace its heritage back to 1970 when Dodge got into the Pony car battle in the USA with the original Challenger. Boasting 425HP itself this old timer was no slouch with a track speed of 108mph.

The numbers are better now of course. This new Hellcat does the quarter mile in 10.8 seconds at a top speed of 126mph. Pullaway is 3.6 seconds. This is in the eight speed auto transmission option. The manual box is slightly slower.


As you’d expect with a chunk of steel moving at those speeds Dodge provide some serious braking power on this new Challenger. 15.4 inch Brembos are fitted all round. This means you can get from 60 to a standstill in under 120ft.

Also as standard in the ‘super lux’ interior is an onboard computer – with a launch control program- that would make Michael Knight feel at home.


But leaving all that power and tech aside the Hellcat just looks the part. It still retains the relative proportions of its good looking 1970s uncle but it has spent the last couple of years pumping iron and working on its paint job.

If you’re after one then get your finger out as the dealer we spoke to said this first wave is mainly spoken for, although he may have one up for grabs for just shy of £70k.

We hope to get our hands on one next week so watch this space for an update.