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The Cars of British GT


These are the supercars of British GT

The cars of British GT may well represent the perfect meeting point of sex appeal and audience recognition.

These are not the sort of sinuous but seriously exclusive single-seater machines that you see at racetracks and nowhere else, and between which no-one apart from real anoraks can differentiate if you stripped off the paint.

British GT Jaguar

Nor are these the sort of souped-up saloon cars or hatchbacks which might give you ideas about heroically hanging out the back end of your Astra around the local supermarket carpark in the wet.

No. These are the sorts of super cars that are plastered across the front covers of all the car magazines, featured doing ridiculous road trips on our favourite car programmes, shown off by people who make their money by falling over near footballs or making YouTube videos about playing games which involve falling over near footballs or driven at approximately walking speed through Knightsbridge.

These are supercars (albeit with more switches, roll cages and wings than standard – and many, many more decibels). These are the cars of British GT.

In 2018, the series features no fewer than 36 machines with an A-list set of names: F-Type SVR, V12 Vantage, 650S, 570S, GT-R Nismo, Huracan, Continental.

(The slightly less hallowed name of the Toyota GT86 seems a bit out of place in this exalted company; fear not, however, for this particular model has double the power of the standard machine, with 400bhp.)

Ten manufacturers are featured in total, and the only reason there aren’t more cars is simply that there’s not enough space in the pitlanes at the tracks the series visits.

Talking of tracks, those are good too. There are seven venues, including the legendary Spa-Francochamps (not quite British soil but a fantastic place to race), Silverstone, Donington Park and Brands Hatch.

Prices are very reasonable, at £26 for a full weekend adult ticket. And access for fans is fantastic, with the paddocks often open to enthusiasts to get up close to the action.

Not sold yet? Just look these photos from the 2018 media day at Donington Park. Sexy, speedy, recognisable.

This is a good year to visit at least one British racetrack to ogle the British GT supercars – but you might find you’re quickly hooked. You have been warned.


Photos : Jamie Sheldrick / Spacesuit Media