Cars. Bikes. People. Culture. This was Influx 2018.

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2018 was a great year

In 2018 Influx brought you more cars, bikes, people and culture than ever before.

What was your highlight?

We featured everything from home-built bikes in our VC London film, and completely bespoke cars like Charles dos Santos’ V8-powered Nissan drift car. We looked at the finest cars in the world, such as the most bespoke of luxury cars from Rolls Royce and iconic Alpina B5, Bristol Fighter, and BMW M1 models.

Phantom Spirit of Ecstasy

We spent time with some great people, including F1 and Formula E legend Felipe Massa, the owner of a Morgan B&B Melvyn Rutter, and fire-engine driving instructor Mo Davies, plus lots of huge two-wheeled fans from a pair of sub-teenage motocross champions the Boughen brothers, and Richie Finney from Captain Fawcett to skateboard superstar Josie Millard and even a 5-time World Speedway champ, Ove Fundin.

Sometimes it wasn’t all about the cars, bikes or people – but what you do with these vehicles that made our jaws drop, like filming a last-minute car chase or exploring the highlands in an old VW Corrado.

We celebrated 25 years of two icons in one film, the Porsche 911 (993) and Aston Martin DB7, 40 years of Mazda Rx-7, 50 years of Jaguar XJ, and even 60 years of both Ginetta and Cosworth.

We tackled a snowy mountain in the worst cars possible – a pair of super fast Caterhams, and even joined TV star Gareth Jones to look back at the Ford Cortina, the car of his childhood.

Ford Cortina lineup Gaz Top

Two films this year sprinted past one million views on YouTube alone. The iconic VW Camper and its community starred in one, the other focused on the haunting nature of ex-military vehicles. Both showed a passion for motor vehicles which exists beyond the spotlight.

ex military group

Finally, we sprinkled a topping of eye candy in the form of restored and modified cars, from an MZR Datsun 240Z to a modified Integra, BMW and Astra which only come to life at night and a beautifully maintained Gordon Keeble.

The only thing we love more at Influx than making films about cars, bikes, people and culture is seeing you enjoy them. Enjoy our look back at 2018 as we continue to work on more video content than ever before.