Capri Gt4

Capri: Bucket List


a handful of our favourite Ford Capris

Any Ford Capri owner will love the car that they live with. But we asked our resident Fordists to name the Capris they would love to own…

Mk 1 1600:
White, with black vinyl roof for us. The performance of the original Capri was never going to set the world alight but what a looker!

Mk 2 3.0 Ghia Auto

This Ford Capri had all the style and top range luxury for the time! Right foot heavy, petrol guzzling opulence.

Mk3 GT4
…ideally the über-rare White 1.6 a total run of only 500 across three colours and two engine sizes I still kick myself to letting it go!

Mk3 2.8 Special
Last of the line – all the refinements and fun bits

MK3 280:
Nice to look at but don’t touch.

Ford Capri blue

Mk 3 Ford Capri 3.0S
A brutal last hoorah. And lovely for it…