Ford Capri


Any reader of a certain vintage will hold numerous ideas about the Ford Capri in their minds. If you were of the age that they were marketed in their original guise, you will think of them as that treat yourself, only-live-once sort of motor that you once dreamt of.

If you were a school leaver in the eighties, when they were coming to the end of their technological tether, they were a bit of lairy step up from the usual crappy MK 3 Cortina you could actually afford.

If however, you were a late seventies twentysomething in a skilled manual job, nestling in the upper echelons of the great British Working Class: then they were probably as cool a motor as was possible to practically aspire to.

Thing is about the Capri, they were a stroke of Dagenham genius, because while there was a Capri for whoever you might have been, it was always a Capri you really aspired to.

And as for the RS2600: I want one. Right here, right now.