Ford Transit Supervan 1


There’s something deliciously audacious about the very idea of a Mk 1 Ford Transit with an F1 engine installed.

And look at the first edition of Ford’s promotional Transit. It looks every bit of the burly 1970s monster that it is.

We love the fact that it was tuned to within an inch of its life by a bloke called Terry Dury, too. What happened to that noble moniker. You never hear of little baby Terry these days do you?

Supervan 1 apparently first appeared at the easter meeting at Brands Hatch in 1971 – and amazingly it came with a GT40 Chassis and a mid engined V8 that pumped out 400BHP.

We don’t think it was a Cosworth DFV – but it would have been nice if it were.

Look at those bolt on flared arches. Look at that slightly tweaked, boxy stance and all-round fat rubber. Apparently t was good for 150 MPH in the top end.

Imagine the unholy rattle and hum!

Ford-Transit Supervan-1-2