We’re usually pretty skeptical about the merits of bonkers track day variants of existing cars. So, when the coming of BMW’s no holds barred trackday monster was announced a while back, we didn’t really take much notice.

But having eyeballed the orange beauty at the recent Autosport International Show, our hearts have been aflutter and we have found ourselves in idle moments straying to the orange-hued corners of the internet for illicit viewing pleasure.

There’ll only be 150 built, and each will be costing well over the £100K mark. It claims figures of 4.4secs/190MPH but with the limited dynamicism of the standard M3 chassis, this is a tweaked, sticky-rubbered version of the ubiquitous playtime tool, most hi-end 911s will see them off in all departments.

But the reason we love it is the way it looks. Something about its stance at all angles is accentuated by the orange and the black alloys. it seems to distill the M-badge essence and make this car an indulgence you can imagine partaking in. And with that limited run, you’re unlikely to run into another one this side of wherever…