Holden Torana GTX Concept


The Holden Torana GTX shared its name with a pre-existing production plodder. But this striking concept is far from a plodder at every level imaginable.

It was a two seater developed in the early seventies, fitted with the standard’s Torana’s 3.0-litre straight six, power was delivered to the rear wheels through a four speed manual transmission. Weighing in at a shade over 1000KG, during testing the Holden GTR-X reportedly posted a top speed of 130mph.

Unusually, GM decided to film a promo to underline the seriousness of the project (see below).

The concept used the underpinnings of the standard car too – but that body was a bespoke fibreglass affair designed by the inhouse team at GM Australia.

Who knows why they never went ahead – perhaps the oil crisis and the saturation of mid-seventies wedges crossed with the geographical remoteness of Oz put paid to what was a beautiful idea.