Holden One Tonner


It’s been a while since we’ve delved into what was once one of our primary automotive fetishes. Utilitarianism.

The Holden One Tonner. It does what it says on the tin. It’s burly. It’s straightforward. You wouldn’t be embarrassed to pull up outside a fly-ridden hotel on the outskirts of Alice, sink a few lagers and stagger out, chucking your mates and a few sheilas in the back of the wagon to go and cause havoc out in the bush.


But not that we’d ever encourage drink driving. Or national stereotyping.

But just look at the thing. The one-tonner is composed of all the values of what constitutes a fair dinkum Aussie bloke. And that’s why, for at least five years, fair dinkum Aussies bought them by the baleful.

And don’t ask how it got its name.

Holden One Tonner 1971