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SlammedUK is riding high – we speak to founder Jordan Clarke


We find out why the low-riders of the slammed community are riding high in the popularity stakes

SlammedUK founder Jordan Clarke tells us why he started the brand, and what he really thinks about the ‘scene’.

Danni Bagnall: So, Jordan; tell us about SlammedUK?

Jordan Clarke: SlammedUK is technically an ‘Automotive Lifestyle Brand’, but that phrase seems somewhat overused these days, with a new name and ‘brand’ popping up on social media every day. However, you do have to start somewhere. Essentially, it’s a clothing brand and social media outlet based around modified cars.

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DB: How did you start SlammedUK?

JC: Myself and a friend both had EP2 Civics we were modifying, and he came up with the idea of creating a group, make some stickers, and host a few local meets. So, we did. We held a Halloween event at the Ace Café in London, back in 2013, and it ended up being a bit crazy, so many cars turned up – even Jon Livermore turned up with his insane carbon Mitsubishi Evo. It was then that I saw a gap in the market and suggested we start making clothing etc. My friend lost interest so took a step back and let me crack on. Three years-ish later, here we are!

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DB: Sounds like you’re doing rather well for yourself. What’re your thoughts on the modified ‘scene’?

JC: Haha! I wouldn’t say I’m doing ‘well’ for myself – not by a long shot – but being able to work for myself and do something I love so much means I feel very fortunate. My thoughts on the ‘Scene’… firstly, I detest that word. It’s a ridiculous made-up word for a group of people sharing the same interest, which has somehow adopted negative connotations. I am forever being called ‘scene’, but when I stop to ask why and what that means I’m met with blank expressions… weird, eh?! For me, the car world is amazing – it’s given me the opportunity to travel to some awesome places and meet some incredible people. There are some absolute idiots around, but I think that’s the same in most walks of life. The car world is what you make of it, and who you choose to hang around with.

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DB: Obviously, you’re into your modified stuff. You’ve spoken about your EP2, but what’s the rest of your car history like?

JC: My personal car history, as my friends will tell you, is nothing other than shit. I’ve always tried to modify what I’ve had, on a tight budget of under £1000, and ended up with a few shockers. My first car was a Daewoo Lanos (which I wrote off). I’ve had Mk3 and Mk4 Golfs, a Toyota Corolla, a Fiat Punto Abarth (which blew up after 3 days), an EP2 Civic and, most recently, my beloved Mk2 MX5, which I’ve now sold. Leaving me right now driving the almighty SlammedUK Gravity van, as I’m saving for something a bit better towards the end of the year.

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DB: This year will mark the second edition of the SlammedUK show Gravity, but what other future plans do you have?

JC: It certainly will. Plans for Gravity include expanding the show. Having the venue at Stoneleigh Park allows for as much expansion I can dream of, due to the size of the place.

Plans for myself… right now I just want to build some crazy cars. I’ve always wanted my own Garage, so that may be something I do later down the line, too.

A nightclub and my own restaurant are also on the list. You know me, I don’t stay still for long!

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