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As the bike ‘scene’ is changing, we speak to Attitude Cycles

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Attitude Cycles is proving a point by doing things that others can't.

The bike ‘scene’ is changing. It’s not just people tinkering with their bikes and making things fit at home, there are more and more actual shops popping up offering to take the ‘burden’ (depending on your outlook) off of your hands.

Attitude Cycles is one of those shops.  Danni Bagnall popped to their shop in Southampton to find out just what makes them tick.

Danni: “So, what is Attitude Cycles all about?”

“Attitude Cycles is about doing what others can’t. It’s about proving others wrong and it’s about doing something just to prove a point. We set the trend in the late ’90s/ early 2000s with wide wheels, something that had never been done before, and since then we’ve continued to specialise in anything from bobbers to crazy one-off custom choppers.”

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Danni: “How did you get into bikes?”

“I (Simon) got into bikes, as most people do, when I was young. My sister’s boyfriend would take me out on his bike, which naturally set the whole obsession in motion. I started by having a number of motocross bikes as a teenager, which evolved into biker bikes. It didn’t stop by me just having biker bikes, though, I had to move onto chopping them up… to disgust the purist out there. I just couldn’t live with having the same bike as everyone else, though – It had to be custom and it had to turn heads.”


Danni: “What’re your thoughts on the bike scene in the UK. Is it more custom stuff these days, as opposed to superbikes?”

“The custom scene is big at the moment. It’s also become very fashionable. At one point, being a biker was much the opposite, but everyone has to start somewhere. The older stuff is very popular. I love older bikes; the older Harley engines are definitely much nicer looking. I find it a challenge to blend eras and trying the best of both worlds. One project being a ‘Flatster’ engine we were involved in. It had flat-head tops and barrels with Evo Sportster bottoms. I am also getting far too old to be kick-starting everything these days, too – that’s what electric is for.”

Attitude cycles bikes

Danni: “Any favourite motorbike events or shows to attend in the UK or abroad?”

“During the summer, we try and get out every Sunday (at least) with other local custom-built bikes, whether that’s just for a ride or to attend various shows around the south. A small group of us did venture to a show in Germany last year; doing the 600-mile trip home in one day… all on rigid choppers!”


Danni: “Your plans for the future?”

“We are currently in the process of moving from just a workshop site to a combined workshop/clothing store/showroom in Southampton. We don’t have an official move date yet, but we expect to be open for business in March. The clothing store will be selling biker-related clothing and fashion items, with the showroom showcasing motorbikes that have been built in house – these bikes will also be for sale with finance packages available.”

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The Attitude Cycles workshop is run by Simon Harris (Owner) and Carter Harris.

The shop and showroom will be run by Nick Houghton.

All images owned by Attitude Cycles and used with thanks.


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  1. Dean McNeill

    25th of march is the opening date look on Facebook for full details