Road Trip Playlist


These are our top 20 tunes for a roadtrip. What tunes make your long distance drives go a little quicker? Leave a comment and let us know…

Tame Impala1. Half Full Glass of Wine: Tame Impalas
Driving Indie Blues Rock you’ll recognise from the TV. Directional and rocking.

Betty Harris
2. There’s a Break in the Road: Betty Harris
Down and dirty funk perfect for laying down rubber.

3. Mr Big: Free
Elliptical shifting from the Spinal Tap tribute band from the early seventies.


4. Driving South: Stone Roses
Manc attitude par excellence with pounding riffs from the Monkey Men.


5. Autobahn: Kraftwerk
Glorious misanthropy from the centre of Euro dystopia.

Bobby Fuller Four

6. I fought the Law: The Bobby Fuller Four
Original Rebel Music: let the desert winds blow!

Davie Allan and the Arrows

7. Left turn on arrow only: Davie Allan and the Arrows
Obscure and burning strings straight out of the Lost Highway.

Foo Fighters

8. Learn to Fly: Foo Fighters
Dave Grohl and co bring you a contemporary classic that sounds better than sex on the car radio.

Chuck Berry

9. Johnny B Goode: Chuck Berry
Essential roots rock meant for swift cruisin’.

The Wipeouts

10. Dead Man’s Curve: The Wipeouts
A dispatch from the beginnings of street racing culture.

Beach Boys

11. Shut Down: The Beach Boys
Leave the Noseriders alone chaps. Stick to the four to the floor.


12. Phat Planet: Leftfield
A tick and a tock. Put the pedal to the metal!


13. Live Injection: The Upsetters
A downshift and a change of pace that still goes with the flow.


14. Highway to Hell: AC/DC
Nod your head and flash the steer’s horns on the highway, baby.


15. Plug In Baby: Muse
Contemporary roughness for the blacktop in our time.


16. Song 2: Blur
Whoo-Hoo indeed.

Tom Robinson

17. 2-4-6-8 Motorway: Tom Robinson
Perennial dad rock that evokes the British Leyland vehicle of your imagination.

Johnny Jenkins

18. Down the road I go: Johnny Jenkins
Dirty harp-driven blues from the southland.

Eddie Cochran

19. Something Else: Eddie Cochran
He died in a Ford Consul in Chippenham. What a rocker!

Ricky Valance

20. Shaking All Over: Ricky Valance
We end with a slick rocking classic.


6 Responses to “Road Trip Playlist”

  1. Interesting choice of tunes, not many I’d favour mind.
    I personaly would go for these few tunes below

    Yello: Drive Driven or The Race
    Steppenwolf: Born To Be Wild
    The Prodigy: Full Throttle or Voodoo People
    Goldie: Inner City Life
    Kraftwerk: Tour De France

    and perhaps a bit of James Brown

  2. as i am part italian i love zagto cars and have driven a lancia zagto while in itali as a mechanic