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We chat with Marlon Harewood about the current crop of modified vehicles tailored to footballers' requirements

When you think of famous Premier League footballers and their treasure trove of fast and rare cars you don’t tend to think the vehicles they cherish the most might actually be… erm, the humble minivan.

But that’s the exact market former Nottingham Forest and West Ham striker Marlon Harewood has tapped into with his bespoke vehicle customisation company, AC13 Premier.

AC13 tread plate Mercedes V class

Whilst offering luxury modifications and interior upgrades to a multitude of cars types and clientele (you don’t have to be a former football star to want to travel in something a little different) they’ve become specialists in Mercedes V Class conversions.

Conversions that were appealing enough for 2018 World Cup Golden Boot winner Harry Kane to get his hands on one recently.

Marlon explains what is it that makes the Mercedes so popular with the luxury modified end of the market.

“What’s good with the V Class is you can literally put anything in there. Whatever the client wants. It’s got the reclining seats so you can lay back and chill out, relax. It’s almost like a bed. It’s got the entertainment system, PlayStation, XBox. You can watch the games on Sky. It’s got fridges. It’s endless with the V Class because there’s so much you can put in.”


After visiting AC13 Premier in Nottingham and experiencing their current crop of cars under conversion it was easy to see why so many sports stars are opting for the V Class. One of the most noticeable aspects was the level of comfort, space and importantly, privacy. Not only that there is literally no limit to how these cars can be modified.

Modifying cars is something Premier League footballers have become (even) more famous for over the years. Whether it was Mario Balotelli’s camouflage Bentley or David James’ A-Team inspired Reliant Robin. Although it has to be said AC13’s approach is a little more slick, sexy and tasteful!

Marlon and his business partner’s passion for cars runs deep and their love for modifying luxury vehicles is evident through their history together. Although it’s a very different sort of kick compared to his former top-flight football career:

 Former West Ham, Aston Villa, Nottingham Forest and Blackpool pro footballer Marlon Harewood

“Obviously it’s different from scoring a goal, that feeling I get when scoring a goal because it makes so many people, forty thousand, fifty thousand people so excited. I get the pleasure now of delivering a service to a client and seeing their faces because they’re so surprised at what we can do and how we can change the look of a car, they’re so shocked and excited about it, you just get such a satisfaction.”


Okay, so perhaps these particular minivans aren’t so humble, but you get the point. Next time a blacked-out Mercedes V Class cruises past you on the motorway you might take a little more notice than before.