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"The modified car scene is dead".


In recent years we’ve seen that phrase banded around quite a lot. It’s a broad and annoying term that most petrol heads will have heard – or dare we say, maybe even uttered at one point or another during the last decade.

Of course we know that the assumption isn’t true, far from it. For those ‘not in the know’ it may seem that the modified market has shrunk down and hidden away but in reality, the idea couldn’t be further from the truth.


The modified community and Industry has grown from strength to strength since the demise of the 90s boy racer mags that once littered the paper shop’s shelves and adorned walls of teenage boys (and girls) up and down the country.

The modified scene has indeed, modified.


It’s taken on a whole new level of creativity, engineering and most importantly, sophistication. It’s a serious players game.

No longer will four new wheels and a K&N Filter qualify you as “modified” status. Unless you’re declaring those changes to your insurer…. Ahem.

Nor will a scantily clad girl photographed across your bonnet make you the most talked about modder in town. Or at least, it ought not.

What we have now is a market of highly tinkered-with vehicles ranging from 1960s classics to brand new supercars all playing the seriously modified game. The net spend of alterations sometimes far eclipsing their standard market value.

Cars are tuned to the nth degree with immense attention to detail – something that has always been done but now it seems on such a greater scale. There’s also the finance factor playing a huge part in today’s younger drivers modified market. Where as before, the newer, more powerful makes and models were realistically (usually) only available to the slightly older generation with more disposable income, PCP and other forms of finance opens the newer car door to all ages and backgrounds.

The modified community has changed so much in the past twenty years. You could argue that it’s image during the turn of the century would never have survived in today’s progressively political and culturally aware society. So yes, that scene may be long dead but rising from its ashes is something that has pedigree, maturing from its adolescent years into something that even the most stout “stock” purist can’t help but look at and say… okay, that’s pretty cool.

The modified car is truly alive and kicking.

And what’s more, it’s community is strong, full of character and louder than ever.