Influx people: Seventies Stylists


Chris Ryan
Chris Ryan is Cornish based surfer, musician and collector of offbeat vehicles. His Beach Buggy is a creation from the early 70s – with fibreglass frame strapped onto a ’61 beetle chassis. The motor is your standard 1500 VW job. “I bought the buggy from a friend who used it on a farm about 10 years ago with a view to restoring it,”, he tells me. ” The project hasn’t really taken off yet,” he says, “But I like it because it isn’t a shiny gadget: it’s a bit nasty.”

Neville King
Chef and co-proprietor of the Old Station Inn in Hallatrow, Somerset, Neville bought his Corvette 13 years ago whilst he was living in the US to keep in the UK as a runaround. The plan had been to buy a British classic motor car, but this was a little piece of the American dream he wanted to keep close.
“She has dangerous curves – great going in a straight line, but gets interesting in the wet. She’s still a very comfortable drive, if a little noisy. Last weekend she was driven up to Newcastle and back without a problem.”

Elsie Pinniger
Pro surfer and seamstress Elsie Pinniger bought ‘Mo’ the 1976 Morris Marina in Harvest Gold, 18 months ago. Though Marinas haven’t had the best press of late, Elsie is in love.
“It’s so easy to fix! All you need is the manual. I always surprise the AA men by knowing what to do with Mo in a crisis. Mo’s also long enough to keep the longboard in. Huge priority.