Moto Guzzi: The retro-progressive V7 Stone


With the ubiquitous ho-haa going on all over the biking planet over custom bikes these days, most of the manufacturers have seen an opportunity to add stripped back, retro-aesthetically styled editions into their current range – in order, we presume, to sell custom-looking bikes to folks who like the idea of getting an old bike, stripping it down and rebuilding it; but are either too time or knowledge strapped to do it themselves. Guzzi have got on board with their V7 Stone edition. It looks at first sight to be a perfectly weighted combo of trad values and rad tech.


This new model, part of the venerable V7 range is according to most road tests agile and nimble enough to drag a knee, while being cool and comfortable enough to cruise nonchalantly through the streets in any given city on the planet, displaying ones chiseled features perfectly in that open faced lid. The central feature of the V7 Stone, apart from that cool matte paint job, is the new 750cc, 90° V-twin engine, which more than anything else on the bike stays true to the characteristics of the Moto Guzzi tradition. There are these new lightweight, six split spoke alloy wheels too – that hark back to those featured on the 850 le Mans.


And how about that engine? Well, according to Guzzi it has been completely re-engineered, but relies still on the architecture conceived by engineer Lino Tonti in the 70s. The new engineering improves, apparently, general functionality of the motor, providing greater torque and power even at low rpms, and makes the V7 more efficient, with higher fuel economy and reduced emissions. The new tank, reminiscent of the one found on the V7 Sport, brings with it a trick steel construction that is light and voluminous. It can hold 21 litres, which, theoretically, gives you a range of some 300 odd miles, together with reduced consumption, ensures a range of up to 310 miles.

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Those alloy wheels allow for a reduction in weight at the front and rear, translating to greater agility. There are cigar shaped silencers trimmed with chrome accents, as are the instrument panel dials. It’s available in Matte Black or Pure White. We’ll take ours in black, trim off the still unnecessary adornments and feel as if we really did it ourselves.