Moto Guzzi: The Ultimate Custom Platform?


Images via Wrenchmonkees & Bike Exif.

The thing about the Guzzi format, though, is what makes it so perfect or tweaking into the aesthetic stratosphere. That long, low-profiled engine and drive train coupled to a simple, spindle frame. The format makes beautiful bikes roll out of the factory, sure. But with a little bit of loving attention – and never too much – the Guzzi can shine brighter than other custom motorcycles out there.

Hey. Hey. Have you heard of the Wrenchmonkees? The Copenhagen-based crew are for many the godfathers of the European custom bike scene. Starting from the sort of attitude that busts genres, foils expectations and makes war on cliché – over the last few years they have developed in the bikes they have produced a distinctive, monochromatic, phat tired look all of their own.

From every angle...
From every angle…

And we think that in this custom bike that the guys in Copenhagen released last year, Guzzi has probably found its aesthetic apogee.

Based on a 1974 850T, there is custom made bodywork, a rebuilt engine, with those extremely pretty Dell’Orto carbs and K&N filters. There’s a hunkered-down, belligerent attitude in the bike’s stance – apparently this was achieved by shortening the rear frame as well as the forks. there are new shocks on the back and 18 inch Borrani alloys and those requisite shrunken head and tail lights.

The classic logo and stripped back steel
The classic logo and stripped back steel

But this is just one of the best examples we have found of how the Guzzi format shines so beautifully. Here are a few more.