It’s their time

Cars Culture

As your lights go off, theirs are turned on.

As your phone is turned to silent, theirs buzzes.

While you’re getting comfortable in bed, it’s time for boys and girls of the modified car scene to come out to play.

The new era of meetups often take place in the dead of night – not so it’s easier to cause trouble by running red lights, pulling hand brakes at every opportunity, or keeping neighbours awake with reverberating basslines and revving engines.

This is more about enhancing the opportunity to create aesthetic content for Instagram. Hundreds of hours have been spent cleaning and preparing a pristine modified car, which deserves the space it needs to be shown off in all its glory.

And the dark is when modified cars can shine.

So, while you might see fewer meets at your local Halfords around closing time, the scene is far from dead.

In fact, it’s alive and kicking with even more class and style than ever before.