Pretty in Pink


Britain’s racing circuits are being graced with the striking and colourful sight of Sarah Bennett-Baggs behind the wheel of her bright pink 1978 Porsche 911 SC, sponsored by Adrian Flux.

Sarah is competing in the Porsche Club Championship for the first time, but having raced for three seasons in Britcar Production Saloons, as well as the Formula Women Series, she’s proving to be no pushover and has already won races in the Championship.

She’s the only woman in the field, so is her choice of colour a provocative move? “Maybe it’s a bit of a shock,” she laughs. “But it’s a great colour and the ‘pink panther’ style really stands out – it’s actually the original Porsche Rubystone Red. The colour also matches Flux Babes’ pink lady logo, which is a nice tie-in with my sponsor.

“I don’t think it’s provocative. At first glance some people may think it’s funny, but fortunately the stop watch doesn’t lie – and there’s no disguising ability in a one-marque championship such as this.”

Can Sarah win the Championship? “I’m still getting used to racing a 30 year old car – it’s a steep learning curve – and there are guys on the circuit who have years of experience in them. But I am going to get results and will be beating myself up about it after each race if I don’t.”



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