Pink Ladies?

People Culture

Ok, so we can understand the undeniable quirk of a pink paintjob. Your cars reflect something about you and your self, and the same is true of a bespoke paintjob.

Our good friend Sarah Bennett Baggs’ 911 looked great, and certainly provoked her more macho competitors to distraction over the years (until the sad demise of said 911 last year).

Because, alongside a playboy bunny sticker as well as a see-through sun visor strip with your girls’ names on them, the more common manifestation of pinkness is far from shocking. it’s just a bit, well, ridiculous. You couldn’t put a pink paintjob on a Ferrari 250 Lusso anymore than you could dress Her Majesty the Queen in a bondage tartan number from Vivienne Westwood.

Still, we believe we’ve come across the cars above as examples of successful ways of applying pink to your steel panels. Our favourite is the Reliant Scimitar. And yes, we know that was a fibreglass machine.

Or are we just kidding ourselves? Should pink stay firmly on our daughters’ Barbie dolls?