The Ten New Cars We’ll Lust After in 2010


Stare into the crystal ball. The motoring industry tugs us in two directions. On the one hand it fuses the heights of driving passion, design discernment and technological exactitude to produce the most dizzying hypercars of which we could ever have dreamed.

On the other meanwhile, that same passion and techno-savvy explores new ways of powering, driving and being on the road.

Somewhere in the middle lay the worse of marketing-led product launches and misguided nods to trend. Meet our heroes and villains of the next 12 months.


2 Responses to “The Ten New Cars We’ll Lust After in 2010”

  1. Ian Gibbins

    Mini crosser is gonna rock..and come on, the R8 is brilliant by anyone's yardstick.

  2. louisvarney

    Is that ferrari making a proper car? they seem to have just developped on popular demanded ideas. really need to focus on the raw power and less on the image of their ''brand''.