Toe Crushers and Showstoppers. VW Camper – DubFreeze


Is there a vehicle as versatile as the Volkswagen Camper?

We’re at DubFreeze 2018 – to see if there’s such a thing as a ‘typical’ campervan owner.

We’re surrounded. T2. T25. T6.

Stock. Slammed.

Style. Substance. Is there a vehicle as versatile as the Volkswagen Camper?

Dubfreeze slammed VW camper

Before you bother trying to answer that, let’s pretend it’s rhetorical and just enjoy looking at the diversity of campervanning, VW-style. Diversity of ‘bus, sure, but of owner, too.

All walks of life. All levels of income. All senses of style – and senses of humour – are present in the camper community and reflected in their choice of camper. From slammed quinquagenarian pothole-skimmers to modern tech-brimmed Euro-NCAP-pleasers it’s all here – and all serving the same home-from-home purpose.

VW camper badge

You’d be hard-pressed, though, to match the owner to the camper. Unlike the old adage of dogs looking like their owners, if we had to put money on who owned which ‘bus we’d be losing money quicker than a reality TV star on the Million Pound Drop.

DubFreeze is early in the season and an ideal place for us to kick off our camper fetish for ’18 and, as expected, we’re welcomed with open arms. There’s a massive sense of community and support in the world of the camper and we’re barely able to show you the frosting on the tip of this warm teutonic iceberg.

Dubfreeze logo camper

We’re welcomed in to hear tales of adventures and to be shown the customizations, and enjoy the camaraderie of the clubs and passionate owners. If there’s one thing we love about cars, bikes and culture – it’s the people behind them.

Interior of camper

Choosing which vans and owners to include in the video above was tough, but we hope you find a nice spectrum of camper van owners in there, and perhaps you could be joining them one day, if you aren’t already a fully-camped-up member of the dub brigade.

It seems that in our quest to find the typical camper van owner we foolishly thought that there may well be no such thing. We expected them to show the kind of diversity we quickly saw here, but with very little in common. It turns out we were wrong, as there’s something they, and we, all have in common – passion.

Amen to that.