Yamaha: Firsts Among Japanese Equals


The stunning R1 is not the only Yamaha motorcycle to have occupied the cutting edge of design innovation. Over the last 30 years the company has pioneered more things that worked than any other Japanese corporation.

by Rupert Paul


One Response to “Yamaha: Firsts Among Japanese Equals”

  1. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. I wasn’t exactly hanging around, swinging along touching bits down through the bends when riding my Yamaha FJ1200 sometime during the late 80’s, I thought I was pretty darned cool … until some character on a TR1 came by as if I was standing still, except he was making a better job of the bends because he had better ground clearance. The experience rather took the wind out of my sails! A much more competent and exciting bike than perhaps its plain-jane looks would suggest.