Your first time


It's probably going to be rubbish but you'll remember it fondly

Your first time is always a memorable experience.

You feel like you’re finally becoming an adult. It’s pretty damn scary but the overall sense of freedom is incredible. My first time was with a black 2002 Renault Clio. We’re on the right wavelength, yes? Just checking.

When I recall what it was like passing my test and buying my first car, I can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy, it’s so nostalgic. I quickly fitted a second hand stereo from a Honda Civic coupe which enabled me to play music from my iPod before taking to the local village roads on my first solo drive. It drove around for about an hour with a huge smile on my face.

The months that followed included many new and exciting experiences. From stalling at multiple junctions, friends spilling drinks over the faded cloth interior and doing 15mph on a dual carriageway due to the infamous ‘limp mode’. I vividly remember having to text my parents regularly just so they knew I wasn’t in a ditch somewhere.

That first year of motoring is such a great memory for me. The main thing I loved was by far, the freedom. I was able to go to any town or city for whatever reason I wanted. No more bus journeys or bugging people for a lift. I loved it.

I wanted to create this film to get across various emotions that I’m sure we’ve all felt before. Whether it’s being clueless about cars but still being happy to spend your savings on one from a random guys house, or going on a date for the first time and trying to keep your cool, they’re great memories.

There are a whole host of tips out there for when you first get on the road. All I would say is, get out there and experience it. Explore the country and enjoy the freedom. You’re going to break down, you’re probably going to crash, but you’re absolutely going to love it.