Bugatti Veyron


Our Calendar Car for August - the Bugatti Veyron

The Bugatti Veyron was an unashamed loss-making attempt to be the first road car to get over 1000PS, and it wasn’t easy. Crashes in testing, massive issues with getting enough cooling to various hot bits and a look that wouldn’t be an engineer’s first pick meant it seemed like it might not quite make it.

But, when the best engineers in the world put their minds to something, it’s bound to get there. And it did. And incidentally passed 250mph when it got the chance to stretch its legs.

The kudos from the world’s fastest road car at the time, the McLaren F1 was, on paper at least, taken by the Bugatii – but it took a heck of a lot more power to smash through the air. It was a tremendous feat of engineering, but never really got the excitement levels of the dainty, agile, V12 McLaren.

Now, with electric power helping an ever-increasing number of road cars tip into four-figured power territory, the Bugatti Veyron seems a bit left on the shelf. Even within Bugatti, newer models are already making the Veyron seem a bit dated…

But this is incredibly unfair – the Veyron was an absolute trailblazer and the huge bricks from the walls it smashed down have paved the way for ‘lesser’ cars to cruise past 250mph. In theory, at least. This car represents an absolutely iconic moment in car design – and it’s an incredibly beautiful beast, to boot.

All hail the Veyron. Our most valuable 2019 calendar car.


Bugatti Veyron overhead