Beyond Drifting: Baggsy Go Sideways


"Steve 'Baggsy' Biagioni is one of the few Brit hooligans to make a mark in the international world of drifting. The quintessential Essex A-Road denizen tells us in his own words how he made it a world inspired by the "

Alternative Fuel: Quick Chemistry


"Hydrogen fuel cells aren’t only able to power suburban sedans and buses. With the right focus they can be made to take on motorsport’s toughest challenges. And to demonstrate the fact and with impeccable timing as the ink "

Influx Social

Imported Classics: IDA the Norwegian Rover


"Not all Landies are what they first appear. Charles’ Series 1 Norwegian returnee has a Mazda drivetrain, power steering - and has more charisma than Sputnik, as he explains. This is Ida, she is a Norwegian Land Rover, supplied new in 1957 "

Imported Classics: The Rat


"The Rat typifies the wacky racer aesthetic: non-standard, full of texture and patina - and is the most spirited of specialist drives, as Charles Wright writes. This is The Rat. It’s a 1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 TI Saloon, which was "

Bikes in the City Part Two: Rat Bikes


"They say that in London you’re never more than six feet away from a rat. Gary Inman - Sideburn Magazine publisher/editor and aficionado of biking subcultures remembers a lost coterie of dark clad urban rebels. Where once motorcycles "