Land Rover Defender – Off Road Icon


"The latest Land Rover Defender is just the latest in a long line that can trace a direct descent from the original Series 1 designed by Maurice & Spencer Wilks way back in 1947. Although some things have changed a lot over "

GG Quadster – Quad of Quads


"If you thought the Swiss were only good for watches and triangular chocolate, then you might want to brace yourself before you take a look at the Grueter & Gut Quadster. This quad bike is, unbelievably, completely street legal, despite "

French Spectacle


"A SEA OF TRICKED-OUT RENAULTS, PEUGEOTS and Citroëns stand proudly equipped with growling grills and spikey alloys, flanked by their owners comparing specs. Elsewhere in the pit garages are the carefully selected Top 25 pimped with an abundance of polished "

Pininfarina: Tradition and Innovation


"BATTISTA ‘PININ’ FARINA founded his company in May 1930. It was launched as a specialist coachbuilder for private customers and small production runs. Right from the start the company undertook commissions from major Italian manufacturers, and at the Paris motor show "

BMW Art Cars

Cars Culture

"The Art of Movement Words by Helen Gilchrist Movement. Stop and think about it for a minute. It’s one of the most valuable capabilities known to man. Since the dawn of time, mankind has cherished the freedom and adventure "

Digital edition of Issue 2 of influx available


"Issue 2 of influx is now available for you to view and download online. The issue includes features on Californian Biker Gangs, Self Build Motorcaravans, Round the World Gumball Rally, Audi TT, Maserati Quattroporte, Show Car Stars and much more."

Influx Social

Digital edition of Issue 1 of influx available


"Issue 1 of influx is now available for you to view and download online. The issue includes features on Maserati's Pininfarina BirdcageJaguar XK, European Gumball Rally, Japanese Custom Trucks, Street Racing in South Africa, Used Cars in Dakar, Popemobiles and much "