FOCUS on Rajan Jangda


Meet Rajan Jangda

Our FOCUS for this edition is Rajan Jangda.

A key part of the motorsport world already, photographer Jangda has built up a sharp portfolio based on capturing speed, chiefly endurance racing and the new boy in town – Formula E.

We spoke to the amiable London-based photographer about his work.

Influx: Why cars, and motorsport?

Jangda: “I’ve just been into cars from such an early age – there are silly stories about me being just 1 year old and switching the TV over to watch car racing. And this was before TV remotes were actually remote, this one was still attached to the TV!

“I tend to love racing cars especially – performance road cars are ok, but a passing trailer with a race car on the back would always get my attention more.”

Jangda McLaren

Influx: Is there a car, or race, or series you’d really like to do?

Jangda: “I do a lot of Formula E and I like the endurance racing. Really, like everybody, I’d like to do F1, but I couldn’t do it at a loss, as I would need to be able to justify it.

“I like the WEC and am seeing a trend of people moving away from F1 towards endurance racing anyway.”

Influx: What’s your favourite car?

Jangda: “Well it probably changes weekly! I do like Group C racers – but given the choice of covering a historic event with Group C racers or a modern event with contemporary cars I’d choose the modern ones… they tend to get driven a lot faster!”

Influx: How do you feel about modern camera phones and apps like Instagram?

Jangda: “I just don’t really see my phone as being a camera! I tend to only use my proper cameras when I’m shooting, even for my own Instagram and such. People often ask me why I’ve not been posting on social media when I’m at an event – truth is I’m there taking pictures with my proper cameras, and have no time for it!

“I also tend to always shoot in landscape, which is what my clients tend to request, and so that doesn’t necessarily fit well with apps like Instagram.”

Influx: What makes a good image and is there one you’re especially proud of?

Jangda: “It’s all about the right image for the subject, and choosing the right exposure for that shot. That might be a long exposure or be making sure you’re in the right place. You need to be able to move quickly, I usually have two camera bodies available – some photographers can have as much as four but I stick with two.

“Regarding a photo to single out, there’s a one I took at Le Mans that got shared quite a lot, I tracked the sun setting like a magpie, and got some great pics there as it sat low in the sky between some trees.”

Influx: Who inspires you?

Jangda: “I think it’s important to make sure you don’t get influenced too much by other photographers. Although coming across Paul-Henri Cahier’s website is probably the single moment where I thought ‘wow, I want to do this!’

“Keep an eye on what they’re doing, sure, they might be doing something ground-breaking – but don’t let yourself simply copy them.

“You have to maintain and develop your own style.”

You can follow Rajan Jangda on Twitter