Turning Japanese


Cars from the Land of the Rising Sun of every era inspire devotion in a diaspora of automotive enthusiasts. Influx sought out a fistful of them.


“I look after between 38 and 50 Japanese cars
in various stages of repair. I can’t put my finger
on what it is about them that appeals to me. It’s
just something about their simplicity.”

Jon Rodwell: engineer and Japanese car


“Ist generation Celicas were so advanced for their day. There’s
something about them that reminds me of American muscle cars
– but they’re much more efficient. These two are pretty perfect. If
its worth doing something, it’s worth doing well.”

Bob Clark: Toyota Celica 1 GT x 2


“I like the NSX because there’s no ego to
them. I thought about trading it in for a GT 911
but this is something much more unique.
It really is a utilitarian supercar.”

James Taylor: Honda NSX


“The Cube is so controversial. I get everything from amazing
love to absolute hatred from people. The cars just don’t fit into any
category that people here understand. That messes with their minds or something.”

Kieran Bowler: Nissan Cube ‘Rider’ Edition.


“My dad wants this because he loves Japanese cars. He just
thinks they’re cool and you can’t buy this one here in England.”

Gabriel Coltrane Fordham: Honda Crossroads.

Photography by Robert Drake