Rally Car Insurance

Cover for normal road driving, travel to and from rallies and events, as well as between stages at staged rally competitions.

At Adrian Flux Insurance, we specialise in niche motoring markets including rally car insurance for all makes and models.

The Specialist Vehicles department can arrange high quality insurance cover for specialist and modified vehicles, including your rally car.

Our rally car policies cover virtually any make and model, from historic rally cars to current WRC spec, as long as the vehicle is fit for rallying and fitted with appropriate safety features such as a roll cage.

And we offer cover for cars used for a wide range of event types including circuit racing, production car trials, sprints and hill climbs, as well as most types of rally cars.

What does the policy cover?

Our Rally Car Insurance highlights can include:

Left-hand drive and imported vehicles covered

Specialist rally car schemes for rally car drivers

Limited mileage discount: the fewer miles you drive, the more money you save

Free Green Card for unlimited European trips of up to 60 days duration each

Like-for-like cover for your modifications. Converted and uprated cars can also be covered

Up to 15% Owner’s Club Discount for owner’s club or enthusiasts’ forum

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To help customers get the right level of cover, we may be able to insure you through one of our other specialist schemes.
These may include cover for classic cars, kit cars, American cars, import cars, standard cars, import cars, vans and caravans.

Speak to one of our clerks for a full list of benefits, levels of cover and conditions.