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Learner Driver
from 65p per day

Learn to drive in record time

Wherever you are in the learner driver journey, use our resources to help guide you through the process.

Learner Driver
from 65p per day

Learn to drive in record time

Whenever you are in the learner driver journey, use our recourse to help guide you through the process.

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Everybody loves to compare the driving habits of men and women. So we’ve done just - and it’s produced some fascinating results.
Each year thousands of learners take their driving test despite being hard of hearing. We examine all the rules and regulations you need to follow to pass your test as a deaf learner driver.
Learner drivers can drive with passengers in their car, but only if you follow these rules.
If you’ve had a long lay-off from driving, perhaps because of a ban or you have been living abroad, this blog explains all you need to do to stay safe and legal before getting back behind the wheel.

Learner driver insurance from 65p per day

We offer learner driver insurance from just 65p a day, making our policies a cost-effective way for young drivers to get that all-important extra practice behind the wheel.

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As a learner driver, it is inevitable that at some stage you’re going to have to get used to driving in the dark. This blog explains the difference between sidelights, full beam and dipped beam lighting and when to use them.
This blog answers all your frequently asked questions about the ‘show me, tell me’ section of your practical driving test.

The law changed in June 2018 meaning that learners are now permitted to have motorway driving lessons. This blog answers all your questions about motorway driving lessons, from who can accompany a learner to the differences between motorways and dual carriageways and the significance of amber reflective studs on a motorway. Who can accompany a […]

Who can supervise a learner, when, with what insurance and under what conditions? These are important topics to address – for parents, friends and learner drivers alike. This guide will answer many of the questions people ask about this subject and offers advice for anyone learning to drive as well as their supervisors. Learner driver […]

You might have heard a lot about black boxes from your family and friends. Whilst your friend might complain about the restrictions they face with a telematics device, your parents might suggest that they’re a great way to save money as a first-time driver. But who should you listen to, and is a black box […]

It was a journey Ayesha Jenkins had already made countless times. The 18-year-old was travelling on the same rural roads she uses regularly when making her way to, and from, her part-time retail job. And this time she was driving even slower than usual. The student had decided to leave work in Hereford early that […]

Speeding remains a serious problem despite attempts to slow all drivers – especially those that have just passed – down. However, Adrian Flux is delighted to confirm that its FluxScore black box insurance offering is having a positive impact on easing the understandable concerns of parents and guardians. Government findings show speeding remains a problem […]

You’ve probably heard that black box insurance is a great way for drivers to reduce car insurance costs, especially if they’re a young or convicted driver facing high premiums. But why should you choose FluxScore over another black box? We think there are a number of good reasons you’d want to choose Adrian Flux’s black […]

From parallel parking and bay parking to the emergency stop, this blog explains all the manoeuvres you will need to be confident oft performing when you take your driving test.

The ability to parallel park is a basic driving skill and something you may be asked to do on your driving test. Of course, nowadays most new cars have parking sensors, rear view cameras and many other driver assistance technologies to help you drive and perform specific manoeuvres, but it’s best to learn the basics […]

Navigating busy car parks in the UK can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve just started learning to drive. Find out everything you need to know about bay parking, from the different types of to a step-by-step guide on how to carry out the manoeuvre. What is bay parking? Essentially, bay parking is when […]

Lost your UK theory test certificate? We explore whether you need one to book and take your driving test in this blog.

Learning to drive can be one of the most testing, expensive and exciting experiences in life. Passing your test opens the doors to the world, allowing the freedom to drive where you want, when you want and what you want without depending on your parents or unreliable public transport. In this guide, we’ve put together […]

Driving in the rain, strong winds, or in a flood can be unavoidable at times, so it’s important you know how to navigate through these conditions to prevent any issues.
If you’ve just passed your test, you might be worried about driving alone for the first time. In this blog, we give a round-up of our top tips for going it alone.
From adjusting your seat to getting used to a new biting point, here are our tips to help you adjust to driving a new car.
We've put together a list of the cheapest cars for new drivers to help you narrow down your search, whatever your lifestyle and needs.
We explain everything you need to know about L plates, P plates and R plates, from where to display them to how to stick them onto your car.
We explain everything you need to know to buy a used car, from the documents you should check to how to test drive the car.
Want to find out the cheapest cars to insure for 17-year-olds? Find the best first cars for teenagers in the UK.

The first motorway trip after passing your driving test – it’s become something of a rite of passage. Faced with merging from a slip road into the motorway traffic, you could be forgiven for having a case of the post-test jitters. Some drivers are more confident than others, but few are totally nerveless. It shouldn’t […]

We consider which driving test centres have the shortest waiting times so you can avoid having to wait months for your test.
Young drivers are everywhere. But is there anywhere in the UK where they behave differently? Our study reveals some answers that you might find very interesting.

Driving can be a nerve-wracking experience for young people in the UK, especially once they’ve passed their test and started driving solo. It’s easy to fret about adverse weather, unfamiliar roads, and having to abide by the Highway Code. Periods of isolation resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic can also knock a driver’s confidence. Adrian Flux […]

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