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Why do we love Victorian Homes?

The Victorian house is a defining feature of most British towns and cities and they are increasingly sought-after by home-hunters. From the side-by-side Victorian terraced house to the two-up two-down cottage, from the Victorian mansion to the towering Victorian townhouse, it seems our love affair with Victorian homes built between 1837 and 1901 is not going to end any day soon. We have an inherent love for all things Victoriana and as far as most estate agents are concerned an old Victorian house is almost worth its weight in gold.

In fact, only one in four house buyers will choose a home built in the past 10 years, with the majority of purchasers plumping for a period property — in most cases you can swap the word “period” for Victorian.

The Victorian style house is in great supply. There are about 26 million homes in the UK and a third of these, around eight and a quarter million, were built before World War I. The majority of these were built during the Victorian period when there was a massive migration from the countryside to towns and cities. Rows upon rows of houses were built to accommodate the influx of poor Victorians, rich Victorians and everyone in between.

One of the main attractions of Victorian architecture is its seemingly infinite variety, embracing, as it does, classicism, Regency, Italianate, Gothic Revival, Queen Anne and Arts and Crafts styles, and each boasts its own characteristics and features. It’s easy to fall in love with Victorian era houses: the patterned bricks, barge boards and slate roofs on the outside and inside, large Victorian rooms with beautiful floor tiles, stained glass, fireplaces, high ceilings, decorative plasterwork and Victorian windows, bay or sash, there are many reasons that homeowners can’t resist these stylish houses.

High build-quality, generous proportions and pleasing period features combine and complement to create a perfect environment in which many people long to live. Victorian houses are part of Britain’s heritage and are implicit in the British DNA. For that reason, owners have a responsibility, especially if they plan to restore missing period features or maintain the ones they’re lucky enough to have in their home.

When embarking on a Victorian home restoration project, you need to know exactly what you’re dealing with, have a realistic idea of how much the work you want to do will cost, and decide whether you want to borrow elements of the style of building you’re living in, or restore it as authentically as possible.

Download the Victorian Homes ebook for free and it will guide you through all the pitfalls.

If you are restoring, refurbishing or borrowing style elements from Victorian homes the guide will first explain the different styles of architecture. It will explain clearly the subtle differences between Edwardian and Victorian houses, for example, and what to look for in Jacobethan, Gothic Revival, Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau influences in Victorian terrace homes. The ebook also explores the Victorian house inside and out. It is full of advice about where to find reconditioned and reproduction Victorian house features and includes lots of Victorian house facts that make fascinating reading for anyone interested in domestic life during the period.

Panicking over plasterwork or paint? Fretting over fireplaces, fabrics or flooring? Worrying about wallpaper? Bothered about bathrooms or brickwork? The Victorian Homes ebook produced by Adrian Flux insurance services provides answers to all of your questions, and some you may forget to ask, and it’s free.

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victorian homes ebook

Download Victorian Homes, a free ebook created by Adrian Flux insurance services. It is full of Victorian house facts, tips on how to create a Victorian style house — even if you live in a new-build home — and advice on where to source original Victorian and reproduction fixtures, fittings, furniture, accessories and art.

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