I don’t know if you have seen, but recently a very bizarre legal battle has been going on in France. The French automaker was being sued because of their new electric supermini, the Renault Zoe. The suit was filed by David Koubbi on behalf of all women in France called Zoe and in particular two girls called Zoe Renault. The families of the two girls fear that if Zoe car became as well known as the Clio, then their children would be in for a lifetime of mockery.

“Can you imagine what little Zoes would have to endure in the playground, and even worse, when they get a little bit older and someone comes up to them in a bar and says, ‘Can I see your airbags?’ or ‘Can I shine your bumper?’,”
David Koubbi, said.

Unfortunately for the two French families, the tribunal rejected a request for an injunction banning the car marque from using the name as they need proof that is would cause “certain, direct and current harm”. Although this may not be the end for the Zoe as Mr Koubbi plans to go further stating that the had just begun, and could potentially go as far as the European Court of Human Rights.
The Zoe is set to hit showroom’s in 2012 and is mainly aimed at women. The zero-emissions car is set to feature a skin hydrating climate control system, a scent diffuser which emits scents, to stimulate or relax drivers depending on their needs and a light therapy system designed in partnership with Philips.