Super Cars

These are the poster cars for generations of teenagers – some of the fastest, most rare, or beautiful supercars ever made.

In most cases, they transcend mere motoring; they are works of art, the embodiment of a marriage of engineering brilliance, innovative design, and the seemingly never-ending quest for more power.

The vast majority of us will never own them, many of us will never even see the rarest in the flesh, but the fascination with supercars will never die, whatever our driverless car future may hold.

Here, we blast through the history of four of the legendary marques that each have a very different take on what makes the perfect supercar: Ferrari’s F1-inspired quest for perfectionLamborghini’s outrageous dream machines, and the British cool of Aston Martin.

Click through the menu to see our pick of the top supercars from each decade, or browse by marque to see the best examples from each of the three luxury brands.