Exploring the World’s Cult Classic Cars
Austin Metro illustration
Austin Metro: British Leyland’s little saviour

The Austin Metro arrived amid a patriotic fervour in 1980, and played a huge part in reviving British Leyland. But was it a good car?

Austin A30 A35 illustration
Austin A30: Longbridge’s ‘Steel Teddy Bear’

Long before the Mini was a twinkle in Sir Alec Issigonis’s eye, Austin had already produced a small family car that captured the hearts of the nation. The A30, and its almost identical successor the A35, was dubbed the Steel Teddy Bear thanks to its rounded, cuddly appearance. But it was also a significant milestone […]

VW Golf GTi
the birth of a legend

The Beetle was a tough act to follow, but when Volkswagen launched the Golf in 1974, boy did they get it right. It couldn’t have been more different to its antiquated predecessor – front-engined, front-wheel drive, and a hatchback, ‘folded paper’ design penned by Giorgetto Guigiaro. But it was the arrival of the GTi in […]

Jaguar E-Type
“the most beautiful car ever made”

Bold, beautiful, brilliant, and a breakthrough in fast GT motoring, the Jaguar E-Type had it all – including a relatively affordable price. Its ease of use, stunning design, and race-bred handling combined with a potential 150mph redefined the public’s expectations of sports car motoring. How did Jaguar get it so right? Enzo Ferrari was said […]

Jaguar XJ-S
the ultimate grand tourer

As a hard act to follow, it doesn’t get much more difficult than the Jaguar E-Type. The car given that unenviable task was the XJ-S, and Browns Lane chose a radical departure from the curvy, bulbous styling of the E-Type. It upset the traditionalists, but the XJ-S ultimately proved a success, remaining in production for […]

Peugeot 205GTI
the best things come in small packages

It was the little family car that morphed into arguably the best hot hatch of the golden era of pocket rockets. The Peugeot 205GTI was declared “car of the decade” by CAR magazine in 1990, and the greatest car ever tested by What Car? in 2020. How did Peugeot, a company not known for excitement, […]

Austin Allegro drawing
Austin Allegro
the worst car ever made?

Does the Austin Allegro deserve its reputation as one of the worst cars ever made? We looked over contemporary road tests to find out.

Ford Model T cartoon
Ford Model T
the car that started a revolution

The Ford Model T was the little car that changed the world – the first global car and the first mass-produced on an assembly line.

Karmann Ghia
VW Karmann Ghia
the German-Italian beauty

The Karmann Ghia was the German-Italian beauty that transformed the underpinnings of the humble Beetle into a sleek, sporty-looking coupe.

Citroën SM
a brilliant failure

Citroën already had a reputation for building extraordinary cars long before the extravagant, Maserati-powered SM stunned the motoring world in 1970. The 2CV had provided affordable motoring for the masses, while the technologically advanced and boldly-styled DS drew gasps on its launch in 1955. The space-age SM was even more audacious, marrying sports car performance […]