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Humber Super Snipe Series IV.  The Series III version gave the Super Snipe the distincyion of having 4 headlamps, a first for a British car.  Series IV and V cars carried the same lamps

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08 Feb 2016

Five British classics with transatlantic styling

Most British-made cars of the 1950s and 1960s had their own distinctive charm – from the cutesy Morris Minor, Mini and Austin A30 to the MG and Triumph sports cars loved on both sides of the Atlantic. But a few manufacturers took their cues from the more extravagantly styled cars from across the pond as… Read more »

The BMW i8

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13 Jan 2016

Just 3% of motorists will buy an electric car in the next five years

A recent survey commissioned by Adrian Flux has found that just three per cent of motorists are likely to buy an electric car in the next five years. 1,784 customers were asked series of questions about electric cars, driverless cars (as previously reported here) and other motoring hot-topics, and the results showed that a staggering… Read more »

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06 Jan 2016

The £16 dashcam that saved a motorist £750

For several years now, we’ve been offering discounts of up to 15 per cent for anyone who fits an approved dashcam to their car. And this story of a Flux customer who fitted a dashcam shows the huge potential benefits, even though his camera was not on the approved list. One of the chief reasons… Read more »

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23 Dec 2015

How to cope with unexpected Christmas guests

We’ve all had those festive moments when you’re just about to settle on the sofa for a session with a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates and Miracle on 34th Street when the doorbell rings and you’re faced with totally unexpected guests: surprise! Pasting a smile on your face, your attention immediately turns to the… Read more »

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14 Dec 2015

Star Wars vehicles and how to insure them [infographic]

Star Wars vehicles have been held in awe by fans since Luke Skywalker first clapped eyes on the Millennium Falcon. Here, we pay tribute to some of the intergalactic icons – and ask how tough it would be to insure them – as cinemas brace themselves for a pre-Christmas stampede for Star Wars: The Force… Read more »

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10 Dec 2015

How to keep your camper safe in winter

Hardy souls will keep on camping throughout the winter – but for less robust VW Camper owners, it’s time for their beloved vehicle to hibernate. Making sure your VW Camper is tucked up snugly for winter is vital, so we’ve come up with a checklist to keep your pride and joy in tip-top condition. And… Read more »

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26 Nov 2015

Influx visits Mooneyes show in Japan

“Mooneyes is fundamentally a lifestyle,” says Steve Sare, Mooneyes International Division Manager. “Mooneyes is not your average corporate car show. It is quite simply a coming together of people from all over Japan and the world who are passionate aficionados and practitioners of custom culture.” And it’s that coming together of people and motoring culture… Read more »

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26 Nov 2015

10 ways to keep the heat in your home this winter

However energy efficient you think your home is, the sad truth is that your house will continuously lose heat whenever it is warmer inside than it is outside. And it sure is getting cold outside… Heat is lost in a variety of ways: 35 per cent of heat from the home is lost through walls,… Read more »

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24 Nov 2015

10 of the best (or worst) retro car accessories

If you learned to drive in the 1980s, the chances are your first car was pretty basic. OK, very basic. Plastic seats, metal steering wheels, no mod cons, no cassette player (what are CDs?) and a distinct lack of instrumentation. So, a decade before the modification scene really kicked in, we did our best to… Read more »

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11 Nov 2015

10 things that should be in the driving test

The UK driving test is a pretty good indicator of your competence as a driver, but does it go far enough? It judges you on the basics – parallel parking, reversing, roundabouts, emergency stops, the usual kind of day-to-day skills required for normal driving conditions. But there are a whole host of circumstances, incidents and… Read more »