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Modified Land Rover Defender 90

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19 Oct 2016

Six of the best off-road 4×4 modifications

Those 4×4 drivers who stick to the streets of suburbia are probably perfectly content with the standard version of their vehicle. However, real off-roaders often find that even a proper, grown-up 4×4 may need help in the wilder, woollier parts of the world. There’s a host of ways to modify your 4×4 so that it… Read more »

Mercedes-Benz F015 - Luxury in Motion

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16 Sep 2016

Electric cars: 7 myths busted

Electric cars have come a long way since the primitive early efforts driven by the oil crises of the 1970s. The Nissan Leaf, BMW i3 and e-versions of the Focus and Golf have found their way on to the driveways of suburban Britain, while Tesla is busy proving that electric motors don’t have to be… Read more »

top ten quiz

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15 Sep 2016

Which top 10 cars from our shortlist must you drive?

We’re keen to find the top 10 cars to drive before you die. We could just tell you our opinion, or share opinions of motoring writers and magazines, but we want your view – we want your top 10 cars. You may like huge performance, huge fun, quirky design, or style and class – or… Read more »

Audi Quattro

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19 Aug 2016

10 great cars you always promised yourself – now within reach

All cars, no matter how valuable or desirable when spinning round in a bright showroom like your favourite Ultravox LP, eventually become old cars. Those very same cars twinkling behind the pane of glass you pressed your face against as a kid become attainable, as long as you’re happy to accept they’ve been owned by… Read more »


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18 Aug 2016

Please buy my BMW M4 for £125,000: it’s terrible

The owner of a rare BMW M4 GTS is selling his £125,000 car after just two months and 300 miles because he says it’s “infuriating” and “terrible”. Just 30 of the raucous, 493bhp special edition M4s are destined for the UK, and one is already up for sale second hand at Anglia Car Auctions on… Read more »

Teach teen drive

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17 Aug 2016

How to teach your teen to drive | Adrian Flux

When your child turns 17, chances are they will be champing at the bit to learn to drive, finding you, like many other parents, offering up the family car for the purposes of practice. But, according to recent research, teaching your teenager to drive is one of the most difficult experiences that parents go through… Read more »

Jason Plato BTCC Knockill win

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15 Aug 2016

Plato wins in 500th race and vows there’s more to come

Jason Plato clocked up win number 95 in his 500th BTCC race at Knockhill on Sunday – and vowed there is plenty more in the tank. The two-time champion led from the front having taken pole position in his Adrian Flux-sponsored Team BMR Subaru Levorg at the Scottish track, holding off a late surge from… Read more »


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11 Aug 2016

How to rid your pet, and home, of fleas

After a damp and chilly start to the summer, the recent much warmer weather has brought out one of the worst aspects of owning a cat or dog – the dreaded flea. The blood-sucking pesky parasites are a curse to pet owners and it’s not just our animals that can easily become infested – it’s… Read more »


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08 Aug 2016

Essential Summer Road Trip Checklist | Adrian Flux

If the scenes of chaos on the roads outside Dover recently didn’t dampen your spirits, the summer months are the perfect time to hit the road and make the most of the freedom and excitement that a road trip can bring. Whether you’re hopping over to the continent with the kids, or taking an adventurous… Read more »


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04 Aug 2016

10 unusual barbecue recipes

The most any of us might think about insurance when we’re planning a barbecue probably extends to buying an awning to cover the grill in the event of a typically wet British summer. But insurance plays a far greater role in your outdoor cooking adventures. For a start, if you’re one of the Masters of… Read more »