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03 May 2016

Win Limited Edition Artwork with Influx Street Spots

  Over at Influx Magazine, the motoring and culture magazine run by Adrian Flux, we’ve just launched a brand new competition that could net you a piece of limited edition artwork and an Influx pen. By taking pictures of rare or eye-catching cars, bikes, vans and other vehicles that you spot on the road, and… Read more »

Jason Plato Subaru Levorg

Car Insurance

28 Apr 2016

Adrian Flux teams up with Plato and Subaru in BTCC deal

“We’ll be winning races soon,” vowed British Touring Car legend Jason Plato, speaking after agreeing a new sponsorship deal with Adrian Flux. As well as Plato, British champion in 2001 and 2010, the Flux livery will appear on the Silverline BMR Subaru Levorg Sports Tourers driven by another twice champion Colin Turkington, team boss and… Read more »


Car Insurance

20 Apr 2016

Influx Magazine Celebrates GTO History

From the early days of the Ferrari 250 GTO, to modern supercars like the Noble M12, the letters GTO have always captured the imaginations of motorists. Whether you can afford one or not (and sadly, most of us will never be that lucky), there’s something about the sight, sounds, smell, and power of these cars… Read more »

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 16.24.09

Car Insurance

14 Apr 2016

How to use the FluxScore smartphone app

  Here at Adrian Flux, we recently launched FluxScore, the UK’s only black box insurance policy that will let you know how well you’re driving, and show you how your driving could be affecting your renewal premium, via a smartphone app. To help our customers to make the most of the FluxScore app, and to… Read more »


Car Insurance

14 Apr 2016

The best supercars from the 1960s to today

If someone asked you to name a supercar, what would spring immediately to mind? A Ferrari? A Lamborghini? Or are you a traditional British enthusiast who hankers after the smooth lines and elegance of an Aston Martin? They’re the cars many of grew up dreaming of one day owning, but the nearest most of us… Read more »

Car scrapyard

Car Insurance

29 Mar 2016

Should you buy a Category C or D write off?

Many potential second-hand car buyers would be horrified at the thought of driving off the forecourt in a car that had been written off. Horror stories of “cut-and-shut” cars – where two write-offs have been welded together – linger long in the memories of wary motorists.But there are a host of reasons for an insurance… Read more »


Car Insurance

29 Mar 2016

The best – and worst – car bumper stickers

We’ve all followed cars with bumper stickers that have made us tut, sigh, scowl, smile and, very occasionally, laugh. People have been decorating their bumpers ever since bumpers were introduced as a safety measure on the Ford Model A of 1927. But back in those days – when people hung flag-like signs to their bumpers… Read more »

The FluxScore App

Car Insurance

23 Mar 2016

New FluxScore app brings gamification to your car insurance

Adrian Flux has just launched the UK’s only telematics insurance policy to give drivers daily updates of their next renewal premium, based on the quality of their driving, via a handy smartphone app. Aimed primarily at younger drivers, the FluxScore app, available for Android and iOS phones, gives drivers daily updates to show how the… Read more »

Washing a car with a sponge

Car Insurance

26 Feb 2016

Top Car Cleaning Tips

Spring is in the air, and as the temperatures rise, the sun peeks out from behind the clouds, and we get just a little more daylight that we’re used to – it’s time to break out the sponges and give your car a good clean. While more of us than ever are giving up our… Read more »

An ostler was a person who looked after your horse when visiting an inn

Car Insurance

15 Feb 2016

New digital professions finally recognised for car insurance

Until the online revolution, there was no such thing as a professional YouTuber, blogger or social media manager. And if you believe the UK car insurance industry, they still don’t exist. Because while ancient, outdated or incredibly niche occupations including agisters, almoners and ostlers are catered for by the Association of British Insurers (ABI), modern… Read more »