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It’s G-Day! Last-minute cheap insurance deals for women drivers

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December 20, 2012
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From midnight tonight (Thursday, December 20) insurers will no longer be able to use gender to rate car insurance premiums (among other things).
Dubbed G-Day, it marks the end of women getting cheaper insurance than men.
But Adrian Flux staff will be on hand right up until midnight to make sure that women can get the best possible deal right up until the deadline. And, even if motorists’ policies are due for renewal after December 21, as long as the contract is completed by midnight the cheaper rates still apply.
And as well as dealing with the serious business of saving customers money, staff have chosen to mark the occasion by cross-dressing for the day.


Ben Vincent and Chris Hume (Union Jack dress) strike a pose outside the Adrian Flux headquarters Ben Vincent and Chris Hume (Union Jack dress) strike a pose outside the Adrian Flux headquarters

Gerry Bucke, general manager at Flux, said they wanted to give female customers every opportunity of taking advantage of cheaper premiums.
“By buying their insurance before the deadline, some women drivers will be able to save hundreds of pounds, and we want to make sure we do everything we can to make it possible,” he added.
“It’s also important that people know that, even if their policy is due for renewal in January, they can renew their contract by December 20 – either by paying early in full or agreeing to a direct debit – and pay the lower premium.”

For decades young men have paid significantly more than young women for their insurance, and there was sound evidence to support the case for this difference.
“Young men are twice as likely to claim on their insurance policy than young women, and 10 times more likely to have a road accident involving serious injury, where the most costly claims occur,” said Mr Bucke.
“We don’t agree with the new law – its consequences, intended or not, punish drivers who are generally considered better risks by insurers. So, while we can, we’ll do everything in our power to provide the best deals we can.”
Flux’s top tips to keep your premiums low:

  • Join an owners club to get discounts of up to 15 per cent
  • Fit the best alarm you can afford
  • Avoid collecting points on your licence – even one speeding conviction could see a 10 per cent premium increase
  • Increase your voluntary excess (but make sure you can afford to pay it if you do have a claim)
  • Give an accurate annual mileage figure – don’t pay for miles you’re not travelling
  • Opt for a car with a low insurance group
  • Take an advanced driving course
  • Shop around – comparison websites don’t always have the best premiums

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