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Are these the 6 Ugliest Cars Ever Made?

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September 9, 2014
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Some cars are simply desirable, they exude style, good looks and sex appeal. Then there are cars that, are built mainly for practicality, which while they may not be the prettiest creations, offer workmanlike charm and utilitarian proportions that just work.

And then there are the other cars. The cars even a mother would struggle to love. Cars that, while they might have some plus points, have hit every branch of the ugly tree they fell out of. We think these six are just about the ugliest cars on the roads today. See if you agree with us.

ugliest cars infographic

So, are these the ugliest cars ever to hit the roads, or have we missed something even worse? Perhaps you have a secret Cube crush, or maybe you like your cars to be striking. Let us know by leaving a comment below.

5 responses to “Are these the 6 Ugliest Cars Ever Made?”

  1. Mike N says:

    The Nissan Juke is awful – they got the name from norfolk word for Joke –
    and loveliest is my Bella Alfa Romeo GTV V6

  2. Mr Rit says:

    After my gorgeous Volvo 240 estate went off to the scrappers, a new Berlingo 2L diesel HDi was an ideal replacement – plenty of legroom/viewing height/space for large dog cage with 5 dogs/great mpg/plenty pulling power/very nippy, lovely looks – beats ferraris and others that you have to crawl into and only get one passenger in hands down. Now 10 year old, approaching 100K miles and runs good as new.
    I must agrre with Mike though, – the Juke is awful – and whats the one thats advertised with the slogan ‘baby I stand out’? – looks like umpteen other models on the road. Now, – not a car but my 1967 Lambretta is the most gorgeous vehicle on the face of the earth!

  3. Albert says:

    NONE are as ugly as the Pontiac Aztec as seen in Breaking Bad only the Yanks could design a pig like this

  4. Mark Spencer says:

    I have never seen anything more hideous than a BMW X6.

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