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Motor insurers at odds over ‘risk’ of Jaguar F-Pace Activity Key

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April 6, 2017
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Jaguar F-Pace owners using the Big Cat’s revolutionary Activity Key have been urged to contact their insurer after it was revealed their policy may not cover them for theft.

The Activity Key, a waterproof wristband which alleviates the need to carry the conventional key fob when not in the vehicle, promised to give F-Pace drivers the freedom to carry on an active lifestyle without worrying about their keys.

When the band is in use the regular key is deactivated so it can be left safely inside the car.

F-Pace Activity Key


But some motor insurers, who for obvious reasons routinely exclude theft cover when the ignition key is left in the vehicle, are sticking to the letter of their policy wordings when it comes to the new technology.

Despite the Activity Key’s deactivation technology, specialist performance car insurer Adrian Flux says that while some insurers are happy to provide theft cover, others still regard leaving the deactivated fob in the vehicle as too great a risk.

“Most insurer policy booklets outline that leaving an ignition key in the car is ‘negligent’ so theft wouldn’t be covered,” said a spokesman.

“But there is mixed opinion over this. A couple of insurers on our panel have agreed that they will deal with claims from Activity Key users, a couple have indicated that they won’t.”

Jaguar introduced the Activity Key wristband, which is Thatcham approved, to enable motorists to take part in activities without having to worry about storing or losing their key.

The idea is that after you’ve driven your F-Pace to your favourite surf spot, ski slope or mountain trail, you lock your keys inside by touching the wristband against the Jaguar logo on the trunk. An RFID sensor in the band – which requires no power to operate – kicks in to assume control of your car’s locking system, rendering the keys inside useless.

Jaguar F-Pace


That means if someone breaks into the car, they would be unable to use the safely stashed key fob.

The wristband works in all temperatures and, Jaguar says, “enables you to get on with having fun, without worrying about keeping your keys safe”.

They describe the Activity Key as a “focused solution to the frustration of carrying a bulky car key when you go for a run or hit the beach”.

On returning to the car the wearer simply touches the wristband on the Jag logo again to unlock the vehicle and power-down the wristband allowing the traditional key fob to resume control.

All of which sounds great, but for the potential insurance implications.

Adrian Flux is advising all F-Pace owners to check with their insurer or broker to get written clarification of whether they will be covered in the event of theft if they use the key as Jaguar intended.


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