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Cheap van insurance? It’s a wrap with Adrian Flux

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July 7, 2017
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Cheap van insurance is a priority for most businesses that use commercial vehicles, but it’s also important to remember that your commercial vehicle can be one of your greatest assets when it comes to promoting your products or services.

Take Del Boy, as an example. He probably didn’t have a written business plan but he was convinced and confident in Only Fools and Horses that “one day we’ll be millionaires”.

Part of Del’s unwritten strategy for unlikely economic independence was the sign writing advertising his company on the famous yellow Reliant Regal three-wheeler that he and “plonker” Rodney drove.
Tired the Regal may have been, but the name on the side of it was clear for all to see: “Trotters Independent Traders” and it boasted offices in “New York, Paris, Peckham”.

Del Boy knew the company vehicle could be his most cost-effective form of advertising.

Cheap van insurance.

Innovation key when it comes to promoting your business

Of course, nowadays technology and innovation are such that a simple company name is often considered inadequate – companies are looking for something else, something extra, to make their service or product stand out from the competition.

That’s when businesses really go to work on their company vehicles.

Just take a look at a couple of the chuck wagons, the street food vendors found at trendy Spitalfields Market in London on an average weekday.

Take Le Camion Gourmand, which promises “authentic, seasonal and wholesome” healthy and raw street food, which has underlined its green credentials by covering the Renault Traffic from which the company trades in artificial grass. Now that does stand out from the crowd.
A number of companies who install artificial grass lawns have done the same thing to promote their companies to great effect.

Cheap van insurance.

And just along the road at Spitalfields is Sud Italia offering pizza “just like mama used to make”. The innovation? They cook it fresh in a roaring wood-fired pizza oven installed on the top of a tiny Ape Classic 400 three wheeler – imported from Italy, naturally. It’s another eye-catcher that sets the tastebuds tingling and pulls in the crowds.

Cheap van insurance.

The vehicle wrap makes advertising cheap and effective

A cheaper alternative to promote your business may be a “wrap” where the company vehicle is completely or partially covered in your advertising message, creating a kind of mobile billboard.

Wrap advertising can be achieved by painting a vehicle’s outer surface, but more often than not these days it involves the use of large vinyl sheets as “decals”.

The vinyl sheets can be removed with relative ease, drastically reducing the costs associated with changing adverts.

The great thing about vehicle wraps is that nothing is out of bounds and the designs are printed in advance of application. That means you get to see what it looks like before it’s plastered on the side of your van.

Take a look at this selection of exotic vehicle wraps. I particularly like the asparagus wrap on the cement truck. Tasty.

Innovation key when it comes to protecting your business

Of course, if you are using your commercial vehicle as your main source of advertising and promotion, it will be even more important that it is suitably insured so you’ll be looking for cheap van insurance.

Adrian Flux, the leader in insurance innovation, is an independent broker experienced in organising bespoke commercial vehicle insurance.

Whether you are a sole trader with a single van, a company running an entire fleet or even a private van owner, you can be sure you will be provided with effective cover at an attractive price.

Cheap van insurance? Some people say there’s no such thing. But at Adrian Flux you will get a little more for your money.

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