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Is it time to dump the speed bumps?

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July 31, 2017
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There’s good news coming for motorists with local authorities soon to be told “it’s time to dump the speed bumps”.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove is set to instruct Town Halls to get rid of many of the speed humps, sleeping policemen, speed cushions and rumble strips that blight the country’s urban roads.

He said councils should act to “optimise traffic flow” to bring down dangerous levels of nitrogen dioxide.

Mr Gove said before considering the introduction of “toxic taxes” on diesel cars, they should consider changing road layouts, altering traffic light phasing and removing road humps.

Speed bumps were introduced in Britain as a traffic calming measure in the 1970s.

speed bumps

Speed bumps calm traffic but create extra pollution

They do reduce the speed of traffic but they actually cause extra pollution because repeatedly slowing down and speeding up increases the level of harmful gases pumped out by exhausts.

On top of that, many drivers complain road humps can damage suspension, increase fuel consumption, and can aggravate back problems.

Emergency services have also complained saying they slow down response times.

Advice to dump the speed bumps is part of “dirty diesel’ strategy

The speed bumps option is part of the Government’s “dirty diesel” strategy, which include the desire to end the sale of diesel and petrol cars by 2040.

In the meantime diesel drivers could also face charges to use busy roads and higher taxes on new diesel cars. Higher taxes could be introduced as soon as this autumn’s Budget.

The policy suggests that any future scrappage scheme for dirty cars would be targeted at low income diesel car owners.

The toxic fumes are estimated to cause 23,500 early deaths a year in the UK and the problem was declared a public health emergency by a Government cross-party committee last year.

Do speed bumps give you the hump? Let us know if local authorities should get rid of them.

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