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Top 10 space-saving tips when packing your suitcase

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July 4, 2017
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Sitting on top of your suitcase willing it to close the day before you jet away on holiday – we’ve all been there and we all wish we hadn’t.

However, with a few space saving tips from Adrian Flux Insurance Services, you can avoid last-minute worries about luggage fees and get set for a relaxing break safe in the knowledge that your suitcase and your holiday are under control.

And before you leave home, make sure you’re covered for eventualities such as lost luggage, cancellations, medical expenses, personal accidents and the loss of your passport with comprehensive travel insurance.

Adrian Flux can offer a host of benefits for a surprisingly low price and offer you the peace of mind you need.

10 top tips for space-saving in your suitcase:



1) Know exactly what you should pack – and what you shouldn’t. We all tend to overpack for fear of leaving behind something essential, but with planning we can make sure every item in our case has won its place there. Use a list and tick off items as you go. Don’t be tempted to add in too many “just in case” items – make sure it’s essentials only that are just in (the) case.

2) Wear bulky items for your journey so you can save room in your suitcase. Wearing big coats and heavy walking boots might mean you’re unlikely to be upgraded to first class due to your stylish outfit, but it does mean you can fit a selection of more flattering outfits into your luggage.

3) Roll, don’t fold, whenever possible. Folding is the recipe for creases while rolling leaves your garments fairly crease-free. It also means more space in your case.

4) Try to choose a soft, rather than hard, sided suitcase. They’re far more forgiving when it comes to cramming and hard cases are only really a bonus when you’re transporting very fragile items.

5) Use every single inch of space – use pockets to store items like toiletries, socks and underwear and always stuff your shoes with items to make use of the space (accessories, scarves and even glasses can find a home in shoes).

6) Think about the weather at your destination and pack accordingly: if it’s fairly unlikely to rain when you’re on holiday, think of packing a small umbrella rather than a big raincoat you may never need. However, you can always buy an umbrella if you need to.

7) Pack mix and match items that can be worn in lots of combinations. There’s no point bringing a beautiful shirt with you if you’ve got nothing to wear with it. Lay your clothes on your bed before you go and work out a number of outfits that work together.

8) Make sure you downsize as many products as you can, from toiletries to hairbrushes, travelling irons to hair straighteners, there are miniature versions available which will save space and your sanity.

9) It’s unlikely that you’re going to need more than two pairs of shoes on holiday, and that includes the ones you wear as you travel. Be tough on yourself. And, unless you’ve saved so much space that your suitcase can withstand the spoils of an overseas shopping binge, try to avoid adding to your collection when you’re on holiday.

10) If you’re truly dedicated to space saving, consider doing your laundry while you’re on holiday, either by hand in the hotel bath (pack a small bottle of detergent) or at a laundrette. It’s a bit of effort, but if you’re going somewhere hot your clothes will dry quickly and you’ll need to bring less of them.

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