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Adrian Flux’s ultimate 90s playlist to drive along to

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September 8, 2017
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The 1990s remains one of the greatest decades in music history, with an array of talented musicians spanning multiple genres. The last decade before the new millennium was certainly an alternative music fan’s dream, hence why this 90s playlist of songs to drive along to, may be our greatest yet!

This list is not based on chart success, nor on how many records were sold, but focuses on songs that are timeless, the most memorable and most importantly the best tracks about cars or had iconic music videos involving vehicles, to sing along to whilst driving.

There may be some you love and some you like and there are bound to be one or two you don’t like at all judging by what you told us about our 80s playlist.

So here’s the top ten tracks that made our 90s playlist to listen to in the car.

Now you’ve heard our best tell us about the rest. Which songs make your top 10 90s tunes to cruise to?

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