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Cars of The Crown: 8 classic cars the Royal Family rode in

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January 27, 2020
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When it comes to riding in style, there aren’t too many who do it better than the Royal Family.

While brands such as Daimler and Rolls Royce are synonymous with the royal family, Netflix’s dramatised retelling of the British monarchy from the 1940s onwards displays a host of cars both driven and ridden in by the likes of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles.

Below are some of the best cars driven on The Crown:

Rolls-Royce Phantom III

Royal Family

The Rolls Royce brand, which symbolises wealth and esteem, so it’s no wonder Netflix included it in The Crown. However, royalists were to point out in series one that Queen Elizabeth has never owned the Phantom III, instead she owns a 1950 Phantom IV.

Still this four-wheeled beauty, is eloquently crafted and pertains plenty of power under the bonnet.

1954 Austin A40 Somerset

Royal Family

The third generation of the Austin A40 got some much loved attention during series two during a car chase in episode five.

This stunning vehicle was produced by the Austin Motor Company from 1952-1954, before eventually being replaced by the A40 Devon. The Somerset’s engine, however, was upgraded from the Devon going from 40hp to 42hp.

1954 Daimler Conquest Century MkI

The Daimler Conquest was produced from 1953-1958, but it’s the MKI that is featured in the show. Daimler is often a brand that is linked with the Royal Family, with many members of the monarchy having been pictured in the backseat.

But it’s the 1954 Daimler Conquest that was chosen to star in the second series’ first episode outside 10 Downing Street.

1955 Jaguar XK 140 DHC

Royal Family

Jaguar is another brand that oozes class, and none more so than the Jaguar XK 140 DHC, so it’s not surprising The Crown producers chose this model to feature in the second series of the hit Netflix show.

1952 Land-Rover 80” Series I

Royal Family

Like Dailmer, Land Rover is another brand that is synonymous with the Royal Family and the Queen can still be seen driving a Land Rover at Sandringham to this day.

Designed by Maurice Wilks and launched in 1948, the Land Rover Series 1, which has an 80inch wheelbase and a ladder-frame chassis, was influenced by the American World War Two Willys Jeeps.

1955 Sunbeam MkIII

The Sunbeam MkIII used in the series one finale, is typically seen as an old-fashioned English car, but beneath the classic English exterior lies a powerful engine, not typically associated with the monarchy.

Also known as the Sunbeam-Talbot 90, it was produced from 1948-1954 and was renamed the Sunbeam MkIII from 1954-1957.

1960 Wolseley 15/60

This saloon was designed by Farina and has a mounted engine which transmits its power through the rear wheels. While the engine transfers power through to the wheels from a four speed manual transmission.

An iconic piece of machinery the Wolseley 15/60 was heavily featured in series two and cuts an heir of elegance transporting the British monarchy around.

 1957 Morris Minor 1000

Royal Family

Perhaps the most iconic motor vehicle of the 1950s, the Morris Minor was Britain’s first car to sell more than one million models. Production began in 1948, but the 1000 series didn’t arrive until 1956.

The Morris Minor 1000 was a true “people’s car” and in a somewhat surprising turn of events can be seen in the first episode of the second series.

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