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Driving instructors and learners given the green light on 4th July

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June 25, 2020
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Approved driving instructors and learner drivers are getting set for the green light, as DVSA has announced driving lessons, theory tests and instructor training will resume from 4th July, while car driving tests will restart from 22nd July 2020.

Driving instructors especially have taken a massive hit during the coronavirus lockdown being effectively banned from giving lessons as they were unable to meet Government social distancing guidelines while teaching people to drive.

Many have gone out of business since lockdown began at the beginning of March but among those who have managed to weather the financial storm there is massive optimism about the return to work. 

driving instructors

Instructors are optimistic about return to work

Research conducted by Intelligent Instructor has found that once lockdown restrictions are eased business is expected to pick up dramatically. Out of 5,000 driving instructors surveyed 65% believe there will be an increase in demand in the market from learners.

This will be bolstered  by the huge backlog of learners in the system waiting to take their theory and driving tests.

Until now only key workers were able to take lessons and theory and practical driving tests. That all looks set to change. On July 4th many businesses, including pubs, restaurants, theatres and hairdressers are set to reopen, albeit with social distancing measures in place — one metre instead of two.  

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also indicated he aims to give other interests, including driving instructors, permission to get back in business “sooner” rather than later. 

While more than half of those driving instructors surveyed have serious health concerns about going back to work, a similar number would be happy to go back to work tomorrow if given the green light to do so. 

And nine out of ten driving instructors said they will be changing their teaching methods, with three quarters having already purchased the necessary PPE to protect them when returning to work.

driving instructors

Many driving instructors taking extra safety measures

Many driving instructors are taking the precaution of fitting Perspex partitions between the driving and passenger seat to reduce the risk of infection for both teacher and learner. 

The good news for instructors is that with Adrian Flux driving instructor insurance, adding a Perspex screen to your vehicle for tuition use will not make a difference to your cover and there will be no extra premium to pay for an adaptation or change of policy. You can let us know on the contact us form or by calling

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