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Restore Your Summer:
The best counties for green laning

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July 17, 2020
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Green laning is a great way of exploring your holiday destination without having to walk miles through muddy fields or steep inclines. If you’re researching the best counties for green laning, find our top picks here!


Devon is a stunning holiday destination with quite a few green lanes. If you’re looking for paths that’ll give you a high vantage point so you can look out to sea, Devon is a great option. Be warned that Devon is known for its hilly landscapes, so you’ll probably want to explore in a decent 4×4 that’s used to tough terrain. Going with another green laner is also a great way should you get in any trouble.


Jeep 4x4 on a green lane
If you’re looking for a place to holiday in the UK, what better place than the centre of England? Leicestershire has a number of great green lane spots, especially around Melton Mowbray, Coalville, Measham and Twycross.


Derbyshire is an obvious choice, especially because it’s home to much of the Peak District. There are plenty of trails here, with a number of great spots in Eyam, Hope Valley, Chatsworth and Bakewell. Be sure to check the official guidelines before you travel to ensure all green lanes are legally explorable.

Whilst driving around the Peak District is highly rewarding and you’ll likely come across some very photogenic spots, green lanes here can be quite difficult to navigate. It’s usually advised by seasoned green laners that you go with at least one other green laner if you’re new to the sport.


With quite a few green laning areas, you’ll probably be spoiled for choice if you visit Kent. There are plenty of green lanes around Maidstone, Ashford, Gravesend and Wrotham. It’s hills-galore in Kent, so you’ll be able to see some stunning views when you’re out on your adventure.


4x4 on a green lane

If you’re ever passing through Cumbria or spending long summer days in the area, make sure you take your 4×4 with you. There are plenty of green lanes in Cumbria, and with the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales National Park and the North Pennines all part of the county, you’ll be hard-pressed to find green lanes that offer quite a spectacular view as those found in Cumbria.

You can find more information about Cumbria’s different green lanes and whether you’re legally allowed to drive on them at Cumbria County Council’s website. The council provides colour-coded ordnance survey (OS) maps of different areas in Cumbria.

Before you start green laning

So there you have it: some of our favourite green laning destinations in the UK. Let us know if you had other areas in mind! And if you’re new to green laning and are interested in getting started, read our rookies’ guide to green laning adventures in your 4×4.

Make sure that if you’re green laning, you’re doing this responsibly with the right insurance and breakdown cover. Green lanes can be fairly unkempt and bumpy, so you never know what might happen. Our breakdown cover helps protect you in the event that you become stranded and need help. We have over 850 breakdown cover representatives in the UK alone!

At Adrian Flux, we’re specialists in finding insurance for the most unusual or unique circumstances, and we feel like green laners like you fit this description. If you need 4×4 insurance that includes green lane cover, let us know and we can get you a great deal.

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